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The following list of songs and music videos censored or banned by Malaysia since 2010. The original music video is banned due to strong violence and horror and very coarse language content.

The lyrics consisted of "Fuck it." The replaced music video was used with Madonna performing in front of the green screen with flags from different countries.

The word "fuck" is censored in both the song and the music video.

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Satellite imagery have revealed hundreds of buildings burned to the ground across multiple villages, with the true scale of destruction difficult to gauge because of government-imposed media and foreign aid restrictions.

A convoy carrying the former UN chief Kofi Annanarrived outside the Rohingya village of Wapeik on Saturday morning, which has seen signficant damage from fire.

Burma recently warned Malaysia that it must respect policy held by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations' (ASEAN) and not interfere in its internal affairs.

Yet Malaysia's foreign ministry in a statement: “The fact that only one particular ethnicity is being driven out is by definition ethnic cleansing.

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Diplomats and United Nations officials have privately said the 9 October attacks and subsequent crackdown have dismantled years of work rebuilding trust between the Muslim and Buddhist communities in Rakhine after ethnic and religious violence broke out there in 2012, Reuters reported.

There has been disappointment that Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, whose party took power this year from the military, has failed to ease the suffering of the Rohingya.

“This practice must stop, and must be stopped immediately in order to bring back security and stability to the Southeast Asian region.” The foreign ministry said that since hundreds of thousands of Rohingya had fled the largely Buddhist country in recent years, including around 56,000 to Malaysia, the issue was of international concern.

Malaysia’s language towards Burma has become increasingly stern in response to violence in the country’s northern Rakhine State, where there has been a army-led crackdown, sending hundreds fleeing across the border to Bangladesh.

The word "drunk" is only censored on and Astro Hitz.

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