Male dominant looking for submissive female sex chat

For private parties, usually these play parties are "on invitation only" and the organizer of this party will invite "the good crowd".

The possibility for a male sub ad to be answered by a female Dom is almost nil.

Male subs have to answer a lot of ads to get a reply.

Now, let's see how a logical search for a P/partner goes; The goal of this search is to get a discussion going between the prospect partner and Y/you. But remember usually the L/ladies just have to wait for an answer to their ads while M/men have to do the initial contact.

From there, Y/you may have a chance to have something that will go further with this P/partner that has Y/your interest. To put an ad, it is usually free, but to be able to answer an ad, Y/you have to pay. Sometimes a L/lady will answer an ad but this is NOT the usual.

- Chat rooms: Many, many people play in cyber on chat rooms.

Nothing wrong with that, but many people, men and women, are not ready to do the real thing.Again, remember that L/ladies will be overwhelmed by the number of answers to T/their ads while M/men will be waiting to a reply to T/their ads. These gatherings are usually in the form of a munch where P/people in the BDSM lifestyle meet in a non-threatening situation.Usually there is no dress code and these meetings are oriented so P/people can talk and exchange views on the lifestyle.Take Y/your time and get to know this male P/partner that Y/you are interested in.There is no rush, YOU set the pace even if you are a sub.To fight this problem, you must show that possible female Dom that you are serious by being constant in your communication and very patient.


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  2. Agalmatophilia may also encompass Pygmalionism which describes a state of love for an object of one’s own creation.

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