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The company is widely recognized for its service excellence, sustainability practices, trust and integrity. About The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence creates innovative business solutions for the mature market.

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“Drivers who are experienced with technology in general, trust it, and see themselves as able to learn how to use it are more receptive to adopting vehicle technologies,” said Joseph F. Participants said that back-up cameras (78%), blind-spot warning systems (77%), collision avoidance systems (68%), lane departure warning systems (64%), and smart headlights (63%) were most connected to safety.

Yet some mature drivers worried that other new technologies might make drivers too reliant on the technologies themselves, including parking assistance (42%) and adaptive cruise control (25%).

Most Mature Drivers Not Ready for Driverless Cars When it comes to self-driving cars, mature drivers express more interest in “test-driving” a driverless car than in purchasing one.

Almost three-quarters (70%) of participants said they would test-drive a self-driving car, compared to only 31 percent who would purchase one, even it if was the same price as a “regular” car.

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Vehicle Technology Adoption Among Mature Drivers is the Center for Mature Market Excellence and the MIT Age Lab’s third joint research project focused on vehicle technology and is a follow up to Top Technologies for Mature Drivers: Consumer Insights in 2013 and the Top Technologies for Mature Drivers: Expert Ranking in 2012.

All three studies examined vehicle technology and driving safety for mature drivers.

Drivers ages 50 to 69 are most willing to adopt the following technologies out of a list of seven included in the study: 1. A majority of participants also indicated they would be quite likely to use reverse back-up cameras, blind-spot warning systems, smart headlights, lane departure warning systems and collision avoidance systems if they had them.

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