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The photos are published in the Application under the sole responsibility of the Member.

By becoming a Member, the latter agrees to the publication of his or her photos on the Application.

Messege sex without no registration

SAS HAPPN, a French company with paid-in capital of €30,960.63 registered as 535 217 723 in the Paris RCS, with its registered office at 8 rue du Sentier 75002 Paris and represented by its Chairman, Didier Rappaport.

Only certain customer service employees and authorized managers of HAPPN can process the personal data of the Members for the purpose described in Article 6.2.

In the event of a conflict between the various policies making the rules inaccessible, unintelligible or unpredictable, these TCOU shall prevail over the Privacy Policy, the Confidence Charter and the FAQ.

Should any provision of these TCOU be declared invalid or inapplicable due to the effects of a law, regulation or ruling by a court with relevant jurisdiction, the other provisions shall remain effective and in force, unless these TCOU become distorted, or the obligations of the parties significantly thrown out of balance.

The Member should therefore check the accuracy of his or her Facebook information before registering with the Service.

Upon registration, the Member accepts these TCOU and the Privacy Policy and agrees to fulfill his or her obligations, and particularly those set out in the Member Code of Conduct under Article 9 of these TCOU.

For the sake of transparency, the published photos must represent the Member and should not mislead the other Members about his or her identity and/or physical appearance.

These photos may not represent a famous person or include the image of a minor, and may not represent a racist, shocking, illegal or sexual message or contain personal information.

Any other personal information the Member enters in his or her Account is optional and entered at the Member’s sole discretion (directly or via Facebook Connect) and under his or her sole responsibility.


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