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Most of our site pages have been updated to change how they are displayed with various screen sizes.

Some elements will be auto-removed, and most will auto-change position and size when viewing with smaller devices such as tablets and phones.

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To clarify there are generally two types of adult chat sites, "cam chats" and "sex chats". The camming industry has done their best make people think they are offering a free service when in reality they are not.

Sex chats are filled with normal men and women looking to chat with others while cam chats are occupied by performers looking to make money.

We actually listen and respond to our visitor's comments.

This free sex chat site offers many different types of adult chats.

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As with everything here at Sex Chat Sex Chat, we encourage everyone to share their suggestions, problems, or other concerns with us.

One of our users, reported, has a possible work around to get the iphone / ipad, IOS devices to possibly work with the orignal chat listed here.

There may be similar apps available for android, and there are a few android devices that have an old version of flash player already installed, although due to major security issues I can not reccomend that people use the old versions ever.

We tried many things to get this popular fast system to be compatible, but after many attempts, we have decided to move to other systems that will allow our visitors to chat with others using mobile devices.

Over the years we hoped and tried to ensure that the flash player would work with mobile devices as many of our chat rooms systems were based on delivering excellent quality and speed using flash technology.

Welcome to one of the most popular adult chat rooms in the world.


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