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Three in five South Koreans said their phones take precedence over sexual contact for a year.

But in Brazil, just 25 percent said they’d pick their phone over sex.

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Mobile phones today include a wide array of features allowing users to access tools that make life easier.

They have become essential for work, play and keeping in touch.

Those were the results of a survey by Boston Consulting Group.

According to Bloomberg, the survey also revealed that Americans would be willing to give up the following for a year to keep their phones: Americans are far from alone when it comes to their infatuation with their phones.

It’s no secret that Americans have a love affair with their cellphones.

But this may surprise you: If forced to choose between a year without sex or a year without a cellphone, nearly a third of Americans said they’d give up sex.All our xxx movies and dirty skin flicks are already optimized and fitted to play perfectly on your screen at just a touch of a button. Wise up your smart phone and get access to's entire catalogue of free porn movies and videos right in your pocket!New advancements in phone technology have revolutionized the way people communicate.The survey, which was commissioned by Qualcomm Inc., was also conducted in Germany, Brazil, South Korea, India and China.Nearly a third of Germans, like Americans, picked their phone over sex.It doesn't take a genius to hook up your smart phone with endless xxx porn!

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