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After getting married, the man lives in his wife's house. They also eat other wild animal like deer, bison, wild pigs etc.

Garos are only a matrilinear society, but not matriarchal. However, the culture of modern Garo community has been greatly influenced by Christianity. Fish, prawns, crabs, eels and dry fish also are a part of their food.

In the year 2003 the group called "Rishi Jilma" was founded to safeguard the ancient Garo Songsarek religion.

It is estimated that total Garo population in India and Bangladesh together is about 1 million.

In a recent survey conducted by the newly revived Tripura Garo Union revealed that the number has increased to about 15,000, spreading to all the four districts of Tripura.

The modern official language in schools and government offices is English.

According to one such oral tradition, the Garos first immigrated to Garo Hills from Tibet (referred to as Tibotgre) around 400 BC under the leadership of Jappa Jalimpa, crossing the Brahmaputra River and tentatively settling in the river valley.

The Garos are one of the few remaining matrilineal societies in the world.

The individuals take their clan titles from their mothers.

He fell fighting with unmatched heroism and courage in December 1872.

Later, a Garo patriot and statesman Sonaram R Sangma also fought against the British and tried to unify the contiguous Garo inhabited areas.

Traditionally, the youngest daughter (nokmechik) inherits the property from her mother.


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