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More info here in my Scotia Momentum Infinite Visa review.

card by calling or upgrading within your MBNA online login (Account Services).

However, there is now a new king, the Tangerine Money-Back card, with better features and rewards.

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My long-time favorite for the best free cash back credit card in Canada was the MBNA Smart Cash card.

It has a high return on gas/grocery spending (2% up to $400/month), offers 1% otherwise and with a decent insurance offering (purchase protection, extended warranty, and car rental insurance).

With rewards points constantly depreciating in value, sometimes it’s best to get cold hard cash back.

It’s been a while since I’ve changed my number one pick in Canada, but the time has come for the title to change hands.

That’s actually cheaper than doing non-package transfers to get 120,000 Southwest points, which would cost 340,000 points, and you get the hotel nights thrown in.

If you already have Southwest credit cards, there are other credit card offers that earn you points you can transfer into your Southwest account with no fees.

The Marriott and Hyatt options While Southwest won’t count points transferred from a non-Southwest credit card like a Chase Ultimate Rewards card for Companion Pass, it will count points transferred from hotel partners like Marriott and Hyatt into Southwest toward Companion Pass status.

The conversion rates for Marriott points are as follows 10,000 Marriott = 2,000 Southwest points 20,000 Marriott = 5,000 Southwest 30,000 Marriott = 10,000 Southwest 70,000 Marriott = 25,000 Southwest 140,000 Marriott = 50,000 Southwest And there are three Marriott credit cards, each with their own sign on bonuses that you can take advantage of if you’re in search of Southwest points.

Out of the top four cards above, this would equate to a cash back rebate of: If I was looking for a widely accepted free cash back credit card with a good return, there are four contenders, the Tangerine, MBNA, RBC and Capital One card. Since Capital One recently removed their 25% bonus, it really pushed the Tangerine and MBNA cards ahead.


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