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I have been on several times and have noticed a lot of the same people on Ok Cupid, so I figured instead of paying for Match I would just get on there.

I'd recommend either of these sites to be honest but try as many as you can be bothered to and see what works.

I don't even know where to begin with this review.

All in all I like the site I just wish it was more diverse I encountered a lot of scammers on this site (were madly in love with me without knowing me, obviously not real people, were deleted from the site soon), but when I reported a real person who was also a liar (claimed to be divorced when he was still married, claimed to be a financial success when he was dependent on his wife, lied about numerous other things), they refused to look at my evidence and kept him on the site where he could prey on other women. Main plus point with Ok Cupid is youre not being constantly asked for a one night stand people here seem to get that this isnt a cheap, NSA site, which is definitely nice.

The only other site that I've found that keeps things clean and still fun is

He said that I could date whoever I wanted, but he would remain faithful.

I politely told him this was a turnoff for me and that he was out of my age range.

Easy to navigate, nice and clean interface and it is mostly free. In my opinion you won't meet as many people as on sites like Mingle2day and Match and honestly I haven't met anyone from OKC so far. POF is more like a bird bath filled with acid rain where all the birds fly off and try to contaminate others (IE: The women are so jaded).

Thank you okcupid I like the site it way better than POF but what site isn't?

I was only on for three days and had to take my account day for all of the verbal abuse from the men on this site. Even when you take the time to fill out a nice profile.

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