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The cameras I’ve seen have been fixed (you have no pan/tilt/zoom options) and the live streaming video is not high-res, though it’s pretty decent for a full-screen live show that you can watch from home or on your phone any time at no charge.

Here are a few screen captures that show the basic quality.

Basically, strip clubs that stream their stage shows online set up their web cams so that their main stage show can be viewed over the Internet by anyone .

The camera is on at all hours the club is in operation.

I found myself waiting for that door to open just so I could peer into that secret room again where the dancers were relaxing It struck me that I kept looking in because I was hoping to see a girl undressed.

I’d get to see every one of these girls buck naked on stage at arms reach, so where was the allure? Then, the Diamond Cabaret remodeled the club interior so that the dressing room was no longer visible from anywhere in the showroom. I lost interest in the place and now I only go there when it’s time to update my TVO review.

A common thread to have models in the role of a nudist, this way the photographers and magazines could offer... She is young and large firm breasts, no wonder she was popular!

A common thread to have models in the role of a nudist, this way...

Usually, the dressing room cams can only be viewed by those who subscribe to the club’s premium service.

Like the stage cam, the dressing room cams are typically on and streaming live at all hours that the club is open.

If you turned the sound on you’d hear the stage music and the DJ’s voice (not the sounds of the dancers talking in the dressing room).


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