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It was an small bungalow of a Christian person named George.He was not staying there and was a good friend of Mr. There was a lady care taker who used to stay in the out house and would do all the cooking and care taking of the bungalow.

Only keralasex

He then spoke to Shaily and we went away for a walk.

While walking, Babu was making me aware of the various specialities of Kerala and how the local people are marketing their products in global market etc.

I was also asking him some questions in between to update my knowledge.

We walked around 30 minutes and then started returning back. While returning back, Babu asked me whether I am drinking and I told yes.

Actually, I was encouraging him to drink more so that he will lose his senses.

Because the time we entered in bungalow, I had an eye on Shaily.

I liked the bungalow and I then took the corner bedroom with western toilets attached. We kept our bags inside our respective rooms and came out in the hall. Myself and Babu had our coffee and then Babu called Shaily and talked to her something in her native language Malyalam. I was happy and thanked Babu for ordering tiger prawns.

Shaily in the meantime had prepared nice coffee for us. We then parted to our rooms and had bath and got freshened up.

He told me that he will be there around am and then will take me to his office, which was not that far and in the area named Karuvelipadi. It was am only and there were 2 hrs more in my hand before my work starts. I then went to wash room and freshen myself and was waiting for our agent.

He came sharp at am and knocked the door of my room. I asked him about his breakfast and he told that he already had it at his home before starting. He brought his car and within 15-20 minutes, we were in his office.

Once I was ready, again I came to the hall and Babu was already there. He told me that if I wish, we will have a round nearby.


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