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By continuing, you are acknowledging that your application may be reviewed for a waitlist.

Fictional then pays the Hypothetical Telephone Company a fee for completing the last leg of the call on its island.

It is that last fee that often comprises the lion's share of the cost to you of an international call — Fictional may get the call all the way from your house to the inbound gateway on Hypothetica for a nickel or a dime a minute, or perhaps a bit more, but then pay anywhere from a quarter or so to a dollar or two per minute to Hypo Tel.

I do insist, though, that the process be clear and above board, with safeguards to protect against unauthorized or unwanted charges.

In particular, I want to be able to say up front that — no matter what options other people want to take advantage of — I don't want to be able to add onto my phone bill the cost of a can of soda, or a charitable donation, or a conference chat with lonely singles in my area, or a psychic reading, or a new refrigerator, or my car payment, or anything else except the cost of connecting my phone to someone else's phone.

Please check your inbox regularly and ensure that your email account will accept Stanford University email messages.

UPDATE: The residential program is quickly filling and a waitlist is imminent.The first step in applying to Stanford High School Summer College or the Horizon Scholars program begins here.The information collected on this page will be used to identify the correct program application for you.Here are a few tips to help you complete your application registration.The High School Summer College office will send you correspondence via the Message Center or by email to keep you informed of your application’s progress, important updates, and program information.Many chain letters, web articles, and other sources, have claimed that there are some telesleaze numbers that are billed at outrageously high rates, far in excess of the cost of a normal call.


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