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Call Forwarding Call Forwarding automatically redirects your incoming calls to a forwarding number so you never miss an important phone call.

With Call Forwarding, the incoming call will ring on whatever phone number you choose, like a cell phone or a work number, instead of your Optimum Voice line.

Plus, our remote dial capability allows you to make international calls from any phone away from home, including your mobile phone or work phone.

So, go ahead, there’s no reason not to pick up the phone.

Consumer Directory Listing List your Optimum Voice number in 411 and manage directory listings from your Optimum Voice homepage.

Directory listings are published to Optimum Voice Directory Assistance, the National Directory Assistance Database and White Pages directories.

Call Forwarding to Back Up Phone Forwards calls to a specified number when the connection to the cable modem is lost.

Caller ID Caller ID displays the name and telephone number of the incoming caller, provided they are not blocking that information.

Call Forwarding on Busy or No Answer When the phone line is busy or the line is unanswered all incoming calls will be redirected to the number specified by the subscriber.

Call Forwarding Time-of-Day Provides the subscriber a scheduling capability to forward calls to another number, during specified time intervals.

Do Not Disturb Allows Optimum Voice customers to send all calls to an announcement indicating that they're not taking calls at this time.

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