Pretees on webcam

i have zero energy and feel depressed when things are messy clutter is like the antichrist of me making work and so i have to make sure things are nice.its really crucial for me things feel in control and and pure and poised.A great deal of your video work is posted on Youtube, often practically right alongside the videos that seem to inspire some of your performances (from random vloggers to the ubiquitous home videos of people dancing and lip-syncing).

then later i can look back and select thigns that are working those are the pieces.

making videos is a mystery and it happens randomly. my mom has a masters in painting and she said she wouldn't help me, she didn't want anyhting to do with the mess i was making. i love soccer i played seriously for a long time almost wnet to college for it, i did olympic development training for it too haha, i love swimming in the ocean, running - i ran a marathon last year,i love the beach, memorizing facts about animals and plants, i love botany, i love natural landscapes especially in california, i love camping and being outdoors, i am really into skin care and like spa shit, i love cooking, i love food probably with an abnormal desire, i am really into health food things and learning about ultimate health, i love martha stewart and sometimes when i can push through the embarrassment i will make some crafts like freezing edible flowers into ice cubes or something, i love flowers and flower arranging, i have to control my spending on flowers, i love nice candles i put a ban on buying anymore candles for a while because the ones i buy are like $20 for one candle it adds up.

also the effects on the webcam softwares are very beautiful and fun to work with.

also i can see myself and i dont need any help to film the webcam video, i can see myself an what i am doing so then i can see what is failing / working.

my boyfriend ilia ovechkin coded the catalog and he did such a great job - he figured out a way to solve a potentially big problem which was in case a video went "viral" (lol) then the work could be like $200,000 or something and i dont think im ready to sell my work at that price yet heh so there is actually an equation in once it gets to a certain amount where the cents per view goes down once it reaches a certain view count, does that make sense i am probably sounding really confusing :) i started pricing this way from the beginning when i had to price work for the first time in 2009. i had a computer all my life and i always enjoyed making stuff like, in kidpix and designing landscapes in sim city 2000 Describe your experience with the tools you use. i attended california college of the arts for one semester and then later i went to parsons for about 2 years so i haven't finished school and i dont have a degree. the account was suspended, but it scraped it together here in a gif: Who are your key artistic influences? i have a lot of interests and those feel kind of the same to me as influences.

i just wanted to figure out a way to make it easier on me so i dont have to struggle to try and price work because its uncomfortable, but i have to say that it becomes easier once you have something to reference back to, now i have a better idea of my price range but in the beginning i didnt know what was going on. uhh i dont even think the link to the video catalog is on my website i cant believe i haven't updated that yet heres the link Age? santa barbara, california How long have you been working creatively with technology? usually a question like this i answer that martha stewart is a big influence, which is a sincere answer not trying to like be "quirky" about stuff is so flexible, it is available to me made into mayn different forms. my lack of concern is probably one part laziness and one part a fact i am really hard on myself, and i usually trust that other people have better judgment about my own work more than i if they have ideas for how something hsould be produced/exhibited.Nearly every video piece of yours seems to have the distinct aesthetic of webcam footage, from the fluttery movements to the unusual compression artifacts and use built-in filters and effects.Is there something in these particular 'defaults' that you're drawn to?i haven't figured out how to work like that without becoming overwhelmed.

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