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After his arrest, Scott says, Hutchinson admitted to raping four girls, several of whom he met on online while pretending to be a teenage boy. Authorities had no idea until the family of the 15-year-old girl came forward. To protect the identity of the victim, her name and her father's name are being withheld.

The girl met someone who told her he was 15 on, her father says.

Then he ordered her to do the unthinkable: Perform oral sex on her 13-year-old brother and send a photo. They staged a photo, pretending to do what he ordered, her father says, and sent it to Hutchinson."She felt that if she sent the picture, he would leave her alone," her father says.

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The number of complaints of online enticement of children is climbing. Every time she begged him to leave her alone, he told her he would if she did one more thing.

The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, which helps state and local law enforcement agencies fight online child pornography, reports that the number of complaints to its 61 offices nationwide has grown from 5,300 in 2010 to 7,000 in 2013. I will spoil you, buy you a cell phone, keep your bill paid. Buy you shoes, clothes, whatever you want."Dozens of girls responded. Then came the day he ordered her to do something so unthinkable, it led federal investigators to his door.

He used a photo of a younger cousin in the profiles. They befriend young people, gain their trust and entice them to send lewd photos of themselves.

Then they use the photos to extort more and more illicit images.

They talked for a week or so before the boy asked for a partially nude photo. When Hutchinson demanded more explicit photos, she balked, her father says.

Hutchinson threatened to have her beaten up in school and said vaguely at one point, "You don't want to end up like the other girl" who didn't give in to his demands.

His daughter, though, talked about suicide, began cutting herself and went into therapy. Her relationship with her parents and brother, once close, fractured.

She has gone to live with relatives in another state."She just wanted to get away," her father says.

You are not in the mind of a 15-year-old girl."She was genuinely afraid," he says.


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