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This method is not allowed to be called during preview.

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Deployment Builder Impl.deploy(Deployment Builder at org.repository.

Process Application Deployment Builder Impl.deploy(Process Application Deployment Builder at org.jboss.service.

So the users can see themselves as looking into a mirror.

This does not affect the order of byte array passed in , JPEG pictures, or recorded videos.

Set the clockwise rotation of preview display in degrees.

This affects the preview frames and the picture displayed after snapshot.

Your application should only have one Camera object active at a time for a particular hardware camera.

Callbacks from other methods are delivered to the event loop of the thread which called open().

To access the device camera, you must declare the Adds a pre-allocated buffer to the preview callback buffer queue.

Applications can add one or more buffers to the queue.

This method is useful for portrait mode applications.

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