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Whether you consider yourself within, a part of or outside of the community, we can all attest to the importance and value of communication.If this was the situation: There are two close masculine women friends.

By Katherine Frank When Iranian American anthropologist Pardis Mahdavi first visited Tehran in the summer of 2000, she expected to encounter the Iran she grew up imagining....

[But] during repeated visits, Mahdavi found that despite the strict moral policies of the Islamic Republic, young Iranians were listening to music, dancing, drinking alcohol, and socializing in new ways....

Three-day events, club drugs, and sensation-seeking youth seem to beget after-parties and group sex wherever they coalesce.

Unfortunately, it remains difficult to find participants from non-Western countries willing to talk about their recreational experiences with group sex. ------------------------- In early 2010, Ma Yaohai [in China] was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. One commentator, Ming Haoyue, insisted that group sex is “decadent behavior” that challenges social morality and adversely affects “the normal social order, thus hindering the pursuit of the majority of people for good behaviors.” Haoyue further observed, “Chaotic, indulgent sexual activities may fuel other evils.” A blogger charged Ma with inciting “social chaos”: “You led a 22-person orgy.

Even worse, one friend could go to the extent of confronting the other, resulting in a physical fight or a \"swear showdown\". My fellow masculine women, have you ever been in a similar situation?

What do you think and how can we communicate in more effective, productive ways?

Willingly taking risks with their social and sexual behavior, as these Iranian young people were doing, was viewed as a step toward social and political reform — not just a means of escape and excitement.

------------------------- Contemporary sex partying is often thought to be linked to the spread of Western values and practices even while taking on local forms and meanings....

I love it.” Another young man said: “Have I ever had group sex?

Well, yes, with a few women at a time, but who hasn’t done that?

Some sex partying is certainly related to processes of globalization....


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