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All the information gathered by the investigation has been sent to Interpol and it would be left to their discretion as to how to proceed.They are expected, however, to contact the police forces in the individuals’ own countries, including the gardaí in Ireland.

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“The individuals have also been recorded from the webcam, so we can actually see who they are”, the spokesman said.

He said none of the men had been contacted by Terre des Hommes, nor would they be, and did not yet know that they had been identified.

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Once the “10-year-old” had identified herself in various public online chat rooms, a team of four researchers began tracing the “swarm” of more than 20,000 men who made contact initially, to gather as much online data as possible about their identifies. “We were not interested in individual countries”, said Terre des Hommes Director of Campaigns, Hans Guyt.

“We were more interested in illustrating the spread of countries in which these perpetrators were located - and we found a total of 71 nationalities in all.” Of the 1,000 men the investigation finally identified, three were Irish and living in Ireland.

Around 40 boys are housed at the site and this summer five teenagers at the centre were charged with sexual assault at a nearby music festival where a 16-year-old girl was allegedly raped.

It comes amid claims the Calais Jungle was used by several female aid workers as a "free forall festival" and that some "struggled to keep it in their pants".

“The perpetrators think they are invisible, but we have been able to prove they are anything but invisible - and will be passing their details on to Interpol, who will contact their own national police forces”, said Mr van Santbrink.


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