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So, think twice before you share an i Cloud account, think twice before you press send, and think twice about the ramifications because once it’s out there, it’ll never go away and in most cases, neither will the consequences.Users need to be aware how the various default settings work and these should be disabled if one of the devices is used by another family member, especially if one of the users is a doctor, lawyer or transmits sensitive protected information To ensure none of this happens to you, make sure that each person in your family that owns any type of Apple device has their own i Cloud account. If they are old enough to use an i Pad or i Phone, they are old enough to have an account that is separate from yours.The problem is that Itunes only allows children 13 and older to have their own account.

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As of now, the only way to separate your account from your ex is to create an entirely new account and basically start from scratch. are structured makes them next to impossible to transfer from one Apple account to another.

While you can most certainly share these downloads, when going through a divorce, sharing is often a hard pill to swallow and in some cases, out of the question.

Even if you have messaging apps like Whats App that you believe are private, they are not.

Any photo shared on the app will automatically be downloaded to your photo roll as well as to Photo Stream on i Cloud.

During these times, you’re like, “Technology is bae. Maybe it’s when your phone starts blowing up with text messages when it’s on 5 percent battery life and you’re out without a charger.

Maybe it’s when you’re in the middle of a wonderful dream about Leonardo Di Caprio and everyone starts talking in the group chat.Typically, this service would be helpful because the user could use any of their Apple devices to respond to a message.The system breaks down when someone shares their Apple devices but keeps a single Apple account.Know that sharing an account with children could be just as hazardous and damaging to their psyche.Be cautious with your passwords, they can be used against you in ways you never expected and know that privacy on any electronic device is never foolproof.The purpose of the service is to connect the user’s devices so that the user can go back and forth from one device to another in real time and without having to save anything.

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