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It is found that 60% of sexual addicts were abused by someone in their childhood (Book, 1997,pp 52).The child may have grown up in a hostile, chaotic or neglectful home, or the family may have been very normal but the child grows up emotionally starved for love because affection is rarely expressed.

Sexual addictions are among the least talked about and probably the least understood of all addictions.

Sexual addiction has been around apparently going back as far as we have recorded history.

Gradually sex becomes a replacement act to turn to in times of any kind of need, from escaping boredom, to feeling anxious, to being able to sleep at night.

The child may repeatedly turn to masturbation for escape.

Sometimes so degrading that the addicts can’t share what is happening with anyone else in their lives.

“Contrary to enjoying sex as a self affirming source of physical pleasure, the addict has learned to rely on sex for comfort from pain for nurturing or relief from stress” (Carnes, 1991, pp 34).It has little to do with true intimacy, but more so involves exploration and use of power or manipulation.Sex addicts have no comprehension of the risks they are taking. To deal with the pain, the addict may resort to other addictions such as alcoholism, eating disorders, and abusive drugs. Or the addicts will punish themselves by engaging in sexual acts that are degrading.That adds up to 15 million people who suffer from this problem.Sexual addiction has many different forms: compulsive masturbation, sex with prostitutes, anonymous sex with multiple partners, multiple affairs outside a committed relationship, habitual exhibitionism, habitual voyeurism, inappropriate sexual touching, repeated sexual abuse of children, and episodes of rape (Book, 1997).Instead of the normal sexual experimentation that often takes place out of curiosity between similar aged children at some point growing up, some are brought to it by some adult who uses them instead of another adult for their own sexual pleasure.


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