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“That kind of thing just doesn’t sound right, and it certainly isn’t the kind of atmosphere your tenants are expecting.” According to Greenberger, setting up a self-storage love nest isn’t illegal—provided it involves only consenting adults—but it probably will result in termination of a tenant’s lease.

And then you’re trapped.” Immoral But Not Illegal What’s more, Madsen pointed out that self-storage trysts also are embarrassing for other tenants.

“Your tenants don’t want to show up and have to listen to whatever sounds might be coming from a nearby locker,” Madsen said.

In addition to some typical storage items, the 10×10 unit that Casassa came across contained several blankets, an old mattress and several burning candles. And incredibly embarrassing for everyone,” she said.

Casassa had never seen the man before, but she recognized the woman, a longtime tenant who always paid her rent on time and never caused any trouble.

Assuming its tenant had simply forgotten to lock up, Casassa shut the door completely and started to put a temporary over-lock on it. “It was a woman’s voice and she hollered, ‘Don’t lock the door! “So I pulled the door open and there they were—a man and a woman buck naked on a dirty mattress having sex. Like they were two teenage kids doing the self-storage mambo.” Behind Closed Storage Doors It may sound bizarre, but self-storage “love nests” like the one Casassa discovered are far more common than you may realize.

These clandestine setups are often as intricate as they are dangerous.

Video surveillance footage showed that Snyder (a married man) and Marr (a single woman) had been carrying on their affair at Rhodes Climate Controlled Storage in Cleveland between November and December, using the unit for regular rendezvous.

“It’s amazing how many stories you hear like this over time,” said Robert Madsen, owner of three self-storage facilities in Vancouver, Canada.

But after walking in on the tryst, Casassa suddenly remembered that the female tenant had been exhibiting some unusual behavior.

A few times a week, the tenant would drive through the front gate, followed a few minutes later by another car driven by a man Casassa didn’t know.

The last thing an owner needs is for his facility to earn a reputation as the perfect place to hook up.


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