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It also would not surprise me if it was revealed that he had some “history” in MC that may have forced him to leave that school district.

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On April 15, he was discovered fatally shot at his home in Silver Spring, MD.

This 2008 interview with Brian Betts captures his essence.

My grief is heightened by the loss of my own brother, Kevin, in March of 2009. Barbara Cooke-James [email protected] Berry says: After a thoughtful review of the circumstance surrounding Mr. His personal integrity was simply not aligned with the image that is presented in this video. Betts was allegedly killed by three teenagers from D.

Take comfort in the fact that his is resting from all labor. C., one of whom he met on a telephone sex chat line and subsequently invited to his home for illicit sex.

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All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.Answer only the question your child asked, then wait. Young kids often say they want to marry their friends—or even you! ” simplicity is best: “Yes, in many states in the country, they can.” Ease into the toughest query.If you hear “Wait…how do two mommies have a baby without a daddy?Close This Window Mike says: I think this is an exceptional tribute to Brian.I am also affiliated with two major universities who have decided to pick this video up as part of their coursework in training teachers to become principals.If you're in a same-sex-parent family, you've most likely already addressed your modern family with your child.

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