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We just have to take Roland’s word for it that his wife is “downright rude but lovely”, as he tells Michel.That they are trying to overcome some personal issue is clear but we are not told until the very end what it is and the revelation comes as a notable anti-climax.

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Directed and written by Jolie, the picture falls into the trap of recreating the misery and ennui of the protagonists for the audience.

The result is a film that feels like therapy for Jolie and Pitt, or at least their characters, as they moodily work through their problems while gulping down booze (him) and lying listlessly in bed (her). This is chiefly because Jolie fails to make the characters and their problems interesting even though her intentions are sincere and in many respects to be celebrated – good for her wanting to make a serious relationship drama when she could have made pots of money doing something much more commercial.

Yes, it earns our sympathy but it is based on a sad but rather routine fact of life.

It makes the picture feel even more like a form of couple’s therapy.

The sparks flew amid the shoot-outs and the result was a hit.

Proving the adage that real-life couples should never plays lovers (see Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman), By The Sea finds Jolie and Pitt as a married couple whose relationship is in crisis and the result was a box office bomb in America.The couple in question are eager honeymooners Lea (Melanie Laurent) and Francois (Melvil Poupaud) who are as fresh and naively optimistic as Vanessa and Roland are careworn.It might sound vaguely titillating and exciting, enjoyable in a pruriently trashy way, but we are not allowed to have any fun because Vanessa and Roland certainly aren’t.Whether you are looking to meet for sex, find your little black book of adult contacts or sex partners, you'll have a great experience on XXXFS We have thousands of sexy women and sexy men who have decided that their love life is not all it could be.They have tried other dating services, sex sites and sexy dating sites, and have decided to join and stay with us – we’re proud of the excellent service we provide to our members.Whatever you're looking for on XXXFree And we're confident you'll find it and have a great time: A lot of people are looking for dating sites where adults get to know each other and contact each other for no strings sexual relationships.


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