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In order to perpetuate this, Zulu was bred to random-bred cats that carried a similar look to their coat and the Abyssinian breed was created.Some of the kittens born in the Abyssinian litters seemed to be long haired.Coin Highlights: The African elephant has stood on the brink of extinction for almost a century now.

A daily brushing as part of play time will keep the Somali's coat soft and silky. Somalis are active cats and generally will keep their weight under control with compensating exercise.

They should have some high perches and cat trees available so they can jump and climb.

The cat Lord Napier brought to Britain was named Zulu, and he was the foundation of the beautiful breed known today as the Abyssinian, as well as the Somali breed.

The unique ticking pattern on the coat of the Abyssinian reminded people of the camouflage pattern on the coat of the wild rabbit.

The Somali is essentially the longhaired version of the Abyssinian.

The Abyssinian was developed in Great Britain from a cat brought into that country by Lord Robert Napier, following a military expedition to Abyssinia.

The Somali is a medium-sized cat with a long body and nicely developed muscles.

The Somali is moderate looking in all aspects with smooth planes on her head. Her rather large ears sit tilted forward giving her an alert, aware look as if she is always paying attention to everything.

The fur is soft without being woolly and the tail is fluffy like a fox's tail. The majority of the fur has bands of color on each individual hair, with the coat looking darker along the spine line.

The color on the body softens and lightens under the neck and the underside of the cat and the insides of the legs.

She has a wild look about her, but is not at all extreme except in the color of the fur, which carries bands of color giving her a richness and depth not seen in other breeds.

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