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At the end the Madam, will reappear, and you tell her which girl you want. But it's difficult to see how you can refuse such beauties, at the more higher end brothels like Felina and Even Once.

They have a very discrete and nondescript main door, with a small bell to ring. You then walk up some stairs of heavy velvety faux luxury carpeted stairs, in faint warm lighting. At the top will be a Madam waiting for you, all smiles and will quickly usher you into a bar or one of the bedrooms.

You then get to choose a woman, who one by one will enter the room present themselves with a her name, kiss you on the cheeks and then leave.

Cities like Madrid, Ibiza and Barcelona have long been major sex tourist and all night clubbing destinations of Europe.

Now a sex tourism is starting to increase even higher in Spain and it is slowly becoming one of the most popular destinations for sex tourism in the whole world.

The police even check if the girls have paid their social security contributions!

Having police checks and internal brothel security guards, the women feel particularly safe.

Sex workers are not penalized, instead the pimps are the ones who are punished.

With 30% of prostitutes in Spain said to be illegal immigrants (many coming from South America), brought into Spain through illegal human trafficking, the circumstances of many prostitutes leave them in legal limbo.

There are hundreds of brothels and erotic massage salons.

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It's to pay for maintenance, room/brothel cleaning, staff, and of course profits for brothel owners.

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