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Io T: Internet of Things, the network of physical objects embedded with electronics, that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

Major: specifies a particular beacon within a group. Physical Web: Google’s discovery service powered by bluetooth low energy beacons.

Physical Web URLs: Smart objects broadcast these URLs that any nearby device can receive Scanner: any device that can scan for beacons and detect how far they are.

An increase in accessibility required far greater bandwidth than was available at the time.

The further development of the World Wide Web allowed users to share and sell pornography online without the difficulty found in sharing via usenet newsgroups.

Alt Beacon: Radius Networks’ proposal for an open and interoperable specification for proximity beacons.

Beacon: any device that transmits a signal (BLE signal) which allows another device to determine its proximity to the beacon (broadcaster). Beacon enabled: refers to the capability of a device to ‘listen’ for beacon hardware. The code libraries developers use in their apps in order to scan, get proximity values or broadcast as a beacon.

With the narrow bandwidth available in the early 1990s, there were few options for accessing sexual materials online.

Some people bypassed this problem by scanning images from Playboy and other adult magazines onto to usenet newsgroups.

After being scanned to the computer, the images were encoded and broken into smaller sections.

Users could download and reassemble the files in order to view the images.

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Although smartphones, tablets or computers could be programmed to broadcast-only.


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