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Later that night, Bell, 33, reenacted the scene playing the part of her exasperated self, the customer, the cashier and the store manager with the help of Snapchat filters.

“I was at Kohl’s today standing in line trying to make a return and there was this lady in front of me talking to the sales lady, asking a million questions,” Bell (her character is a squeaky-voiced deer) began.

You can chat from anywhere The overwhelming majority of video apps are built or customized for mobile devices, so you are not tied to your computer or laptop.

Let your kids take grandpa on a tour of the house or show friends how good the Christmas tree looks.

You want to see how they look and make sure that you will still recognize them when they come home for the holidays! With smarter devices, updated apps and faster networks, there are lots of ways for you to get a little face time and make sure everything is OK.

Here are some of the more popular apps that will make it seem like your baby never really left after all!“I was sitting in my driveway in my mom van at about midnight. I sat there looking into the garage at my kids’ bikes and and toys just in tears.My family was falling apart,” the customer service representative for David’s Bridal tells Us.Smarter apps, super-fast networks and HD screens have all combined to make the video chat experience seamless and crystal clear. Your kids love video because it allows them to be clever, funny, serious and goofy all at the same time.With mobile devices, we no longer have to worry about flaky webcams that only work when they feel like it. Take a leaf out of their book this Holiday season: pick up your phone, throw caution to the wind, and join the video chat party!Video chat is free Video chat apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, Tango and oo Voo are completely free, and some of them allow multiple parties to join a call for group video chats.


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