Finally, Video Charge can be used simply for playback of video files.


Video Charge represents a convenient mechanism for those persons who want to create licensed Video or Image file(s), when each frame/image is overlaid with a logotype (Watermark), title or text.

For those, who wants to produce video file with effect of 25th frame, and also for those, who wants to create several screenshots, capturing video frames.

Thousands files can actually be reencoded by one click!

If you have an old video archive and want to convert it into one of the modern video formats, make use of Video Charge to save your time!

The application can also be used for joining sequences of video or audio files into a single file.

Here if all the files are of the same format, they can be joined without exhausting decompression and posterior compression of each file.Video Charge is a converter of Video, Audio, and Image files, that is allows you to convert multimedia files from one format to another.Video Charge supports the following formats: — AVI (Audio Video Interleave) allows you to work with any Video codec, installed into the system, and decode Div X, XVid and other type of files.It provides ability to produce videos without decompression and subsequent compression of every frame, which allows to process huge videos practically on flow: split videos into smaller clips, join single-type files into a single one, etc.Some WMV files can't be navigated for lack of indexes and so can be watched starting from the first frame only.Video Charge enables to automatize processing of video, audio and image files.

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