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"I was on my own at my house with my laptop, I was having some 'me time' and I got a Skype call about four minutes into my me time," he told the radio station.

"I put myself away and answered the call and it was this chick and she was quite hot, and she started being sort of intimate, so I was just talking to her and then she just sent me a video of myself – she somehow recorded me – then rung me and said, 'look they've recorded you', and showed me the link – it was on You Tube." He says he had been recorded before he was called on Skype, and suspected a pop-up link from an adult website was responsible.

Police are urging Skype users not to respond to messages from people they don't know and to refrain from posting revealing pictures of themselves online.

It will surely be an epic festival for Volvo Trucks.

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