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The average user will see no account settings screen or interface to speak of.

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Some of these services are apps, and some are websites, but frankly, none of them are very easy to use.

Venmo is perhaps the simplest, but still requires that your recipient to download the app, add a bank account, wait for the money to arrive, and then "cash out" — which means moving the money to your bank account. "We haven’t created any intermediate stored-balance accounts, which have plagued person-to-person payments solutions," says product manager Brian Grassadonia.

At a Columbia University talk in mid-September, Square CEO Jack Dorsey said, "Payments change over a very broad period of time, but we’re trying to shrink that period." He explained that with Square, he isn’t looking to kill credit cards or create some new medium or currency for transactions, but instead to make handling the currencies we already use more efficient.

He capped off his talk with a quote from science fiction legend William Gibson: "The future has already arrived, it’s just not evenly distributed yet." With Square Cash, Dorsey and company have thought about both the technology and the simplest way to distribute it: an established medium like email, which we all know how to use.

Type a friend’s name, hit send, and the money is transferred.

The app is not much more than a shortcut to composing an email, like Captio for i Phone.

Upon opening the app, you’re presented with a number pad for entering a dollar amount.

The app then drops the number you have typed into an email and cc's [email protected]

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