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There is, in fact, surprisingly little transference of those same rules we consider commonplace that guide our everyday behaviors to the rules (or lack thereof) that govern behavior that is acceptable to engage in on the Internet.

If people define their situations as real, their consequences will be recognized as real as well; in line with that thinking, it can be argued that the perception of Internet adulterers is that their situation is truly not real, and therefore, not subject to the same codes that must be adhered to in the real realm.

Within a society, the members - or, actors - operate together over time to develop their culture.

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Shock and disgust aside, these are the very things we are witnessing in our society today.

The use of the Internet is a relatively new phenomenon in our societys history, and as such, is difficult to compare with any other social phenomenon.

For people who are wishing to seek emotional gratification, this manner can be arguably seen as far more efficient than any means to attempt the same in real life.

In this day and age where seldom to adults have time to accomplish all of the things they would like to do in a given day, the obvious appeal of this efficient means to accomplish a given end are not difficult to understand.

What starts off as a simple email exchange or an innocent chat room encounter can quickly escalate into an intense and passionate Internet affair, often leading to secret phone calls and orchestrated real life encounters.

The more communication that occurs, it has been shown, the more likely there is for an actual real life encounter.

In order to understand the increased incidence of Internet infidelity, researches have examined three key components that comprise the chemistry of an Internet affair - anonymity, convenience, and escape.

When these three are combined together, they serve as the proper mix to lead to such virtual adultery.

The anonymity associated with electronic communication allows users to feel more open and frank in talking with other users.


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