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^- JIJl A slip ; an inventory, a re- 'y Agister, a list ; n patent or com- ^^ ^mission of nobility ; a census book ; to cljoose ; to plan, to make a plan or scheme ; J,'in ch'dk, to enrol, to write a list ; «' '■/lau cliak^ a register, a census of people ; s/Zf/t nmtn didki the register of families ; Qoong c/idki imperial census. U"} A needle; a cauterizing 'jfl ^ probe ; to prick ; to use nee- c^jl^jdlesin acupuncture; leaves Chinof tlie pine; icliiin (cfuini, to thread a needle ; ikii icliui ichnin, a pin ; fcham pi' stiiki t'id mean, stingy ; ickam 'chi, to embroider ; Jion ''shuic/tam a thermometer ; higdn (cham, a needle ; (man (.chain, a mus- quilo's sting. A probe, a surgeon's needle ; to probe ; a caution, a check ; pointed, urgent; to e.xhort, to rebuke, to urge to reform ; (Cham (kw'ai admonition, rebukes ; tcham imitig, cautionary maxims. an anvil ; a block for lifting by if^l athletes ; mnki (chain, a horse Chin block ; (Chii ^pi (cham, a fillet of pork ; (ckam '^pdn, a cutting board, tised by butchers. An ax or bill ; a ^'"" staff: '-Ljj U A pillow; a stake ; a crossbar ^^ in a carriage ; to pillow on, to lie near to ; contiguous, adja- cent, lyingon ; 'sz' ^c he (Skiing Cliin CHAM. ^^ Dark, cloudy for a long time ; '\'^ yam yam ich'a/mch'am, dull. m, slanderous aspersions ; ch'ain" 'J/on, to asperse one. ^tt' To dip, as a pencil in ink, ^■',"» or sop a morsel in gravy ; used ^""^ by some for baptize.4flll Posts of a stockade ; a rail- ^^'ing ; a palisade ; ^hon clidk^ a ■'•^^ guard at gales; clidk^ ildn, gateway of streets; uniin ch'dki door posts. ihi To pour from or into; to 'Y"/ lade out, to lighten; to deli- "" berate, to adjust ; a ladle, a spoon ; (cham H'o loh all well settled ; d'ung ^niccham xham, let us talk it over ; (cham ^ch'd, to pour out tea ; sai^ (cluim, to whisper ; (chcuk) to con- sult about. U^' To verify, to prove ; a prog- nostic; to fulfill ; ch'am" ■«, a prophecy, a hidden meaning; ck'ain" hi" tiresome, talkative; ch'am" 'wai, to agree with the prophecy. 'fl Hf ^^ sunder, to cut in two ; J^\ to cut off; to execute, to de-" ''"capitate ; capital ; to root up ; to break off, as intercousre; faded, forgotten, vanished ; ^ckdmi Shiti, mourning for par- ents; 'chdm't'un, to cut in two, to off, as a business; '^chdm U'ati, to decollate ; du ''chain, to divide a criminal in the middle; 'c Adw Ucng tsitt till tocut an iron nail — decid- ed, sincere ; kirn c/id/w, to su- perintend an execution ; chain Jiiii, to cut open ; 'cham fdh to subjugate ; to prune. Vulgarly pronounced '•yam; as^ydwi shi^ iyau, dip it in the soy. ^ port, to lead ; to supply a want, "to make up; to divide with another ; to pull out ; sr A'dw fan^ dai (t'im, make another share for him ; ic/tdm ifu, to uphold.

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,, the rear, the back side; a rehel- , v' lious cabal; chak, n, apply the ear ; yab. J^ To throw down, to throw ^ 'at ; to throw awnv, to reject; to waste, as one s tmie ; chnki iui, to refuse, to give back ; chdk} c Aw H^' to hit ; chdki Jan or chdk} shik.

chak, afternoon ; shi^ ''ago chak, stand at my side. .'Fjij To soqqd, to fathom ; to es- * ^^'timate, to measure ; clear, as Tn'eh vartiish ; ch'ak, toki to com preheijd, to conjecture ; ch'ak, tsz'^ to disseot cbafacters, as when divining ; pnt, c Kal'xxn- expected ; d' ni ch'ak, to ex- plain, to reason ; pat, '^ho ch'ak, incomprehensible. ''^ conimisserate, to syni- * pithize ; ch'ak, ij/an ichi isain, kind-hearled, humane. -^ To reprove, to reprimand, '^'lo blame ; to punish, to fine; to sustain, to be responsible for, to have charge of; to lay a weight on ; to squeeze smooth, to press ; to ask, to demand ; chak, f ah to fine ; chak, chu* ^k'ii, keep it down ; chnki '■sz' crushed to death ; chdky ic K^ung, to compel repay- ment ; chak, fati to punish ; chak, man} to subject to the question ; chak, ishing, to charge with ; chnk, yam^ shan^ chnng^ onerous duties devolve on him ; chak, txo V to ballast a ship; chak, Idn^ crushed in pieces. to throw dice ; chdk} ^kau '^tsai, to throw nines, i e. 4jte To pluck, to cull ; to pull, „' , to pick; to lav hold of; to move Tseh r . This and the Mast are also read tiki with the same meanings. Choh 4^ To pull up; to take out, to '^-select, to raise, to promote ; to employ in office : to reject, to extinguish, as good reso- lutions ; chdkj ftiti iiidn ^shd, the hairs can not be count- ed by pulling them out — his crimes are nnmberless.

The first two are out of print ; the next two contain also some directions and exercises for learning the general language, the sounds alone being in this dialect.

No one has yet sat down to the work unfettered by other engage- ments, and willing to spend his life in making a full dictionary of this language.

■^p Boards of a bed ; a bed mat ; ,jf^ 'to collect ; luxuriant. ^ll Side, the side; on the side; ;''*|'to incline, to bow down, to bend; lateral; perverted; mean, low; rebellioa.s, seditious; chak-. ^^ A marsh, a fen, a pool ; to '^'fertilize, to soften, to enrich ; to anoint, to n):ike to shine ; to benefit, to favor ; humid, slip- pery, smooth; to show kind- ne:«s to ; to wash, to moisten ; to make to grow ; fertile ; re- dolent of, as fragrance : favor, kindness; 's/u/Mc Ad A? fresh, moist; wdh chdk} glos- sy ; 'it chdk) wet with rain ; ,yan chdki to confer favors.

skat) a Concubine ; ond chajn chak, don't turn it over ; chak:, ■.pin, the side; chak, chak, ti^ a little one sided ; [fan chak, . To select, to pick ont, to ■"choose, to prefer ; chdki ynti *^*^ to choose a [lucky] day ; ^ni koni' "-kdn chdki you are so hard to suit ; ynin} ^ni 'kin c/td Arj just as you like; chdh '.kdu, to take associates.Technical u^es of words in law, medicine, astrology, poetry, and su ch science as the Chinese possess, have not been very extensively till PREFACE. The dialect of the Chinese language spoken most accurately in the citv of Canton, and hence usually called the Canton Dialect, is understood throughout the districts in the western half of the pro- vince of Kwangtung, with only unimportant exceptions.collected hitherto; this work probably contains a few more thart any other, and perhaps expressed a little more definitely. Though the variations from the speech of the citizens of Canton itself and from each other, heard in these districts are numerous, still the general characteristics of the dialect in its idiom and pronunciation, are preserved, and the people find little difficulty in talking with each other.With these remarks this Dictionary is offered to students in Chi- nese, and especially to those who are engaged in the excellent work of enlightening this people in true religion and science. This dialect, usually called the Tiechiu from the local sound of jg H wj , and the Canton, constitute the speech of probably six sevenths of the nineteen millions reckoned as the population of the whole pro- vince; still this estimate is based on no very reliable data, owing to the difficulty of actual examination.It is a freewill offering to the cause of missions in China. French, to whose careful examination of the tones and sound;* the work owes much of its accuracy. The patois known as the kdk- kd approaches very near to the Canton, and people from Kwangsf are easily understood in this city. Easy Lessons in Chinese, specially adapted to the Canton Dialect. The uses of a cha- racter as a verb, a noun, a particle, or an adjective, are usually not given at all, chiefly because Chinese grammarians do not habitually make these distinctions ; and the definitions are made by quoting other words as synonyms, and not by explaining the usages of the one under examination.


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