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As mid-20th century philosopher and writer Ken Kesey said, “You're either on the bus or off the bus.” Course Dates: Registration closes on July 31, 2016 From Heraclitus to Andy Grove, leaders have always known that the only way forward is through change.

Today’s leader not only must know best practices, but also have/possess a savvy comprehension of the peculiarities of each situation, the ability to define a relevant problem or set of problems, and then deploy the necessary skill sets to develop a contextualized response.

It is the primary mechanism for educating the public sector’s transportation workforce about ITS.

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We find that the jet has increased in magnitude by a factor of three over the period 2000–2016 to about 40, and is now much stronger than typical large-scale flows inferred for the core. provided and commented on the observational field models; P.

We suggest that the current accelerating phase may be part of a longer-term fluctuation of the jet causing both eastward and westward movement of magnetic features over historical periods, and may contribute to recent changes in torsional-wave activity and the rotation direction of the inner core.

Participants will discover new approaches to social development and learn how to combine innovative solutions with technology and policy for maximum impact.

The new program is designed for professionals working in social good/development space.

All authors contributed to the design and rationale of this work.

performed the calculations and wrote the paper, on which all authors commented.

Over the past 15 years, the transportation workforce has developed sophisticated ITS knowledge, skills, and technologies.

ITS is now a critical component of multimodal transportation operations.

This exciting new certificate program will explore the changing dynamics of social investments and provide insights to create the next wave of innovation and progress.

We invite you to participate in , a week-long course in which you will think broader and deeper and learn from some of the leading thinkers and organizations on perceiving and adapting to change.

Adoption can happen when: As new ITS technologies and systems evolve into market-ready products, the ITS Program must address issues associated with adoption and deployment.

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