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Tips for Formula speeding up by Crisu A simple, little tip/trick for speeding up calculating: Sometimes in a workbook you have so many formulas that for effective work you have no other choice but to turn off the auto-calculating.

Still you work on your workbook, writing new formulas, there is no problem if you just wrote one formula in one cell – it can be calculated by just F2-Enter combo. I don’t work on English version of Excel so my translations may not be accurate.

it is easy and there is no need for another formula For eg; Name and Phone number in two columns Vlook up will look up the name and will return the phone number. More later Tips for Formula speeding up by Jan Karel Pieterse Nice subject! Do your summarizing with Pivot tables instead of functions5. Visit the site contains a wealth of information on recalculation in Excel.

As part of our Speedy Spreadsheet Week, I have asked you to share your favorite tips & techniques for speeding up Excel. 75 of you responded with lots of valuable tips & ideas to speed-up Excel formulas, VBA & Everything else. Since this is a very large article, I suggest reading few tips at a time & practicing them.

Consider bookmarking this page so that you can refer to these wonderful ideas when you are wrestling with a sluggish workbook.

SUMIF, COUNTIF, array formulas etc are very slow on big columns of data.

Sorting can filter a table to records that share the same attribute and range formulas can pick up row numbers to only select a sorted block of values.

These use dynamic named ranges to select a row of formulas, then paste them in against a table of data.

This way you can calculate formulas against thousands of rows and then copy-paste special with values.

Many thanks to everyone who shared their tips & ideas with us.

If you like the tips, please say thanks to the contributor.

Adi Tips for Formula speeding up by Andy Creager Avoid large number of SUMIFS, instead, aggregate data into a Pivot Talble, then use the Index(Match) combo to locate the sums. About Arpit Patni Tips for Formula speeding up by Brad Autry I think some of the more basic, but highly effective tips to speed up larger workbooks are: 1.) Avoid array formulae, where possible. Tips for Formula speeding up by Brian I replaced all my SUMPRODUCT formulas with SUMIFS and calculation time went from about 50sec to instantaneous.

I have dramatically sped up large worksheets doing this. Everyone knows there are a million ways to skin the proverbial Excel cat. My system is a AMD 6 processor with 8gig memory, Excel 2007.

This is because even a couple of vlookup slows down the file massively on account of recalculating of values.

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