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After speaking to Karesse, I emailed with Adrian to get his take on having an absent father.“It’s hard sometimes not to have the support from parents that we want, but you’re not alone,” he says.“I was making the relationship, the fantasy and the romance. We were in the moment and there was a physical connection, plus the camp was a very magical place.” Grenier remembers sipping wine in the evening with Dunbar, then a fantastic lightning storm. However, John did not offer any direction as to how we would live and was always looking to me for what’s next,” says Grenier. She felt John needed to grow up a bit and admits being intolerant of him.

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Karesse, who was 25 at the time, describes Adrian’s conception and that time in her life as “going with the wind.” It was 1974 when she met John Dunbar, Adrian’s father.

They met in upstate New York at a summer camp run by the Theosophical Society, an organization that brings together wisdom and knowledge from all religions, exploring spirituality and “the essential oneness” of all beings.

Grenier says he was very handsome with a gentle spirit, but very quiet.

“I took that as him being strong inside and stoic.” “I did all the talking,” Grenier admits.

If you missed it, be sure to check out our full coverage of the ! Guests enjoyed Rémy Martin cocktails specially named for the evening which included The V-Factor, Hollywood Sidecar, and the La La Lemonade.

25 pictures inside of Ciara, Russell Wilson, and others at the party…“I encouraged Adrian to be aware of this,” Grenier says.“I didn’t want him to be pitied because his father wasn’t around. You can be as fulfilled and as whole as anyone.” Know that you’re enough.If you end up as a single mother, Grenier advises, understand that you are a full, complete human being and you can provide your child with everything they need.The support of a male figure is ideal, but not necessary to hold your family up.“We would bike from the Upper West Side to the ferry and then go to Staten Island. People can’t always act on their feelings.” Don’t let guilt get in your way.


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