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The Knights and Daughters of Tabor, also known as the "Knights of Liberty", was founded in Omaha in this decade as a secret African-American organization whose goal was "nothing less than the destruction of slavery."Mildred Brown with her husband founds the Omaha Star, likely becoming the first woman, and definitely the first African-American woman, to found a newspaper in the U. She continued the paper for 50 years on her own, for the rest of her life.It celebrated African-American contributions and successes in Omaha and America, and became the only newspaper for African Americans in Nebraska.

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August 31 David Rice and Ed Poindexter are arrested, despite not having been originally implicated.

Negro History Society with leadership of Bertha Calloway formally opens the Great Plains Black History Museum in the Webster Telephone Exchange Building to celebrate African-American contributions to the city and region.

On August 17 an Omaha police officer is killed when an explosive blows up in an abandoned house in North Omaha.

August 28 an African-American man named Duane Peak is arrested, and he implicates six others.

Racial segregation becomes normalized as redlining and restrictive covenants keep African Americans in North Omaha.

Harry Haywood is said to have become radicalized by the white mob rule that overtook South Omaha in 1919, which drove him to become a leader of the Communist Party of America.The Greek Town Riot destroyed a successful Greek immigrant community in South Omaha.A European ethnic mob of 3,000 burnt the community to the ground after a Greek man mortally wounded an ethnic Irish policeman while being taken into custody. As veterans from World War I attempt to return to their civilian jobs, violent strikes break out in the South Omaha meat packing industry when they discover African American and Eastern European immigrants in their former positions.Analyzing race relations in Omaha during the period they commented, "1968 rivals 1919 as probably the worst year in the history of twentieth-century America from the standpoint of violence and internal tension." In 1969 three days of rioting swept the Near North Side, and in 1970 a policeman was killed by a suitcase bomb while answering a disturbance call at a house in North Omaha.However, as the 1966 Oscar-nominated documentary A Time for Burning and the 1970s books of Lois Mark Stalvey illustrated, the violence apparently served a purpose as lines of communication were opened between the "West Omaha matron and the black laborer."The Omaha Bus Boycott was led by the De Porres Club, including Mildred Brown, who extolled readers of the Omaha Star to "Don’t ride Omaha’s buses or streetcars.African-American Willy Brown is lynched by a mob from South Omaha after being accused of raping a white woman from that neighborhood, during the Omaha race riot of 1919, sparked by white political boss Tom Dennison.

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