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I just met the guy you're sitting next to on an airline dating app and I'd like to chat with him for a bit." Or, if you've chatted for long enough in-app, do you take the plunge and tell the other person you're in seat 6E? I've got an extra drink coupon, if you're interested." Also, how do I specify I'm not interested in manspreaders?As I sit at the gate for my first flight, I notice there are four potential Air Dates around me.

While London-based Air Dates is still in Beta, the promise of meeting people in transit is already creating waves of excitement following the app’s debut at the 2016 Disrupt London tech conference.

As to whether Air Dates will usher in a new era of on-the-go dating remains to be seen.

Just in case, it might be wise to leave those tattered travel sweatpants and scrunchies at home next time you fly.

Air Dates is currently available for i OS download and looks to be made widely available in February 2017.

I exist today because one day in October 1983, my parents did something I try to avoid: talk to strangers on airplanes.

They sat next to each other on an hourlong flight from Dallas to Houston, and soon began bonding over a conversation about their lives and their backgrounds.I might as well dispense with the romance, wistfulness and class of it all and see what's out there. Air Dates launched its "public beta" last year and has about 10,000 users, so my prospects might be slim to begin with.I fire up the App Store and download Air Dates, an app that wants to be the only inflight dating app. You set up a profile using a Facebook account, tell it what types of people you like and then you're on the prowl.Using geolocation technology, Air Dates scans the surrounding area for fellow passengers to connect with.Through the app, users can chat with fellow passengers before boarding their flight.Wingman is an upcoming dating app for meeting people at the airport and on your flight.


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