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There are some neat little surprises in how Google decided to set Allo up — but if you really don’t care about things like SMS relay, I won’t blame you if you skip on down to the next section.

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If your contact doesn’t have the app installed, one of two things happen. If they’re on an i Phone, they’ll receive an SMS with your name, the contents of your message, and a link to download the app.

They can then download it or — if they want — just reply via SMS.

On the other hand, that aggressive simplification has benefits.

For example, Allo also doesn’t have any contact lists for you to maintain.

The best part of Google’s new messaging app Allo is the ability to chat with the Google Assistant AI helper.

But for now, that's more of a novelty, says WSJ’s Nathan Olivarez-Giles.Why go into this much detail on how all this works?Beyond the interesting technical details, it illustrates the lengths to which Google must go to give Allo even a small chance of building up a critical mass of people to try a new messaging app.It’s radically, almost violently unclear how Allo is going to take on Whats App, Facebook Messenger, Line, i Message, and all the rest.Many of these apps have more than a billion users, and so the Big Question for Google is how it’s going to get Allo distributed to an equally large number of people.Google hasn’t made it available on the web, on desktop, or on tablets.


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