Allow automatic updating android market

This should work for both Lollipop and Marshmallow users.

Many app updates are important to maintain the latest versions and to keep your phone as secure as possible, so few people will want to totally stop updating.

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Thanks to XDA member eddieringle for releasing their simple toggle that allows you to toggle this feature using a simple widget.

Since the app is just a toggle there aren’t many “features” to it, but we encourage you to go install it and let it handle all your Android Market updates.

I know that which does not kill me is supposed to make me stronger, but this repeated annoyance only makes me angrier. There’s good news for you though, since either selected individual apps–or all apps–can be set to update automatically.

In addition, in order to conserve data usage, when updating all apps, there’s an option to update over Wi-Fi only.

A small tip from my end is that you setup the above procedure for apps that your require the most.

Imagine a large company with inventory tracking or data collection software, or a small company with a beta version of their new application.

To off automatically updates on android is easy just follow our steps.

If you are using Google nexus 7 then you have to hold your device in landscape mode and you will go on “my screen” here you can see your all apps and can stop automatic updates of any app on your device.

With auto updates, apps can change every day without the phone’s owner even knowing.


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