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Co-starring with Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth, Seyfried played Sophie, a girl looking to find out the identity of her father before getting married. Seyfried appeared in several more films over the next year, including , in which she played Peter Pan's mother.The actress also sang one of the lead songs, "Gimme! Fans have noticed Seyfried not only for her acting, but also for her beauty.At home in LA, the normal life continues in the wake of her stardom. "I'll joke with my sister and tell her, 'Hey, I'm a film star.' Her response is always the same. Now go clean up after the cat.'" Cranston, just off of Breaking Bad relishes the duality of character.

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represents another cinematic betrayal of master children's storyteller and illustrator William Joyce, but this time with visuals that, while lush, don't do much to carry Joyce's distinctive style to the screen.

Hollywood's endless revisiting of cherished figures from our past has always been a successful entertainment ploy.

She claimed these were assets: "…that kind of anxiety in me, that obsession, was helpful. It's something I don't want to give up feeling, because it gives me an edge." Seyfried’s hobby of taxidermy also sets her apart from other Hollywood starlets.

Seyfried revealed, “When taxidermy is done well it’s an amazing piece of art.

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The ensuing dialogue is like intellectual groping, quintessential La Bute, as the characters Doug and Beth go from philosophizing about their night together to deciding what to do about it in a mere 70 minutes. A part of me, I have to admit it, would sell my soul just to have an essay published in some rapidly growing website.


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