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I know it's a unique movie because the script was so good.

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That's why, as I say, I've been studying it actually four out of the last five movies that I've done, but the last three were specifically that. How does finding love late in life resonate with you?

One of the common conversations that I have with friends of all ages, once again, particularly mid-life people, is that whatever their situation, if they're not in it, they all yearn for one more really romantic experience.

In fact, it's almost a craft axiom that it's best if you learn it day by day and then forget it.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

But this is the thing, one of the things about movies that I've always liked the most. I've always had tremendous affection for Keaton.

I mean, Nancy worked for Billy Wilder, one of everyone's heroes - or with Billy Wilder - and this is really what America does like no one else, and what I've always loved. I think so does everyone else so there's nothing new in that.I didn't want to work, but this was a script that I'd never seen, number one.It's a fabulous script, but I knew it was sort of what I was looking for. Adam Sandler's picture, “Anger Management” is kind of antic, a goon comedy of a kind.It is a delicate balance, and what you find with this movie, the guy has a brush with mortality through having a heart problem.In drama, you would play that heart problem or you'd heavily underscore the performance with it.In comedy, I found in “As Good As It Gets,” the more disease, the less laughs. You can look at scenes when you're doing a drama like, “Maybe it works,” but in comedy, when you're doing it, either it works or it doesn't.


  1. Make an effort to utilize some of the first list and work on some of the second every day.

  2. The turnover sparked the Packers to score 21 unanswered points in the second half.

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