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As was the case in 2015, teams were scheduled to play 19 games against each division opponent for a total of 76 games, and six or seven games against each team from the other two divisions in its league for a total of 66 games. All teams were scheduled to play 20 interleague games throughout the season. On July 3, 2016, the Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins played a special neutral-site game at Fort Bragg Stadium, a newly constructed field in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in observance of the Independence Day long weekend.

The NJBL provides organized BASEBALL for the spring, summer and fall seasons for teams aged 8 to 20. All teams that play in the NJBL are insured under the NJBL for games, practices and tournaments whether inside NY or outside NY, as long as they are registered for the season and have a deposit on file.

All teams that compete in our league are placed in divisions based on their teams' ability rating, provided by the manager with league assistance, which allows for better competition. Click on ANNOUNCEMENTS for further details regarding league fees, rules, waivers, etc.

Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates, the two teams with the best regular season records in 2015, at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

The regular season ended on Sunday, October 2, 2016, and the postseason on Wednesday, November 2, 2016, with the Chicago Cubs coming back from a three games to one deficit to defeat the Cleveland Indians in the World Series and win their first championship since 1908.

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Due to the strike in 1981, the season was split into two halves and playoff seedings were determined using the winners from each half.

The first half began on April 9 and ended June 11, while the second half started on August 10 and ended October 4.

BASEBALL BAT RULES FOR 2016 Please refer to new Baseball Bat Rules for 2016 from Little League Organization for all divisions.


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