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It is he who has the tragic character arc, he who grows as a character, him who you weep for by the end.

He started to write and perform his own short films and plays.

While performing his one-person show 'BUZZIN', based around his performance poetry, Jim was discovered by an acting agent.

Sturgess captures brilliantly Dexter’s self-destructiveness and ability to deceive himself, if no one else, while his eyes reflect his guilt at never quite doing the right thing by his long-term best friend Emma (Anne Hathaway) or his parents (Ken Stott and Patricia Clarkson).

Because Sturgess is so great, the film is all about him, in a way that the novel never is.

By showing us the same day — St Swithin’s — over 20 years, it tells the story of their relationship and, through them, the story of a generation.

It’s not a wholly original concept — aspects of it are borrowed from Sondheim’s masterly musical Merrily We Roll Along and Bernard Slade’s 1975 stage comedy Same Time, Next Year — but it is a splendid conceit, which shows us the passing of time and the missed opportunities many of us come to regret in middle age.

Rafe Spall is marvellous in the potentially caricature role of Ian, the scruffy stand-up comedian whom Emma beds as a second-rate substitute for Dexter.

Spall is amusing —even though he is robbed of many of his funniest lines in order for the film to focus on the central romance —and steals every scene he’s in, even his climactic one with Dexter, the man he has grown to hate because Emma always loved Dexter more than him.

The film has a five-star, sensational leading performance by Jim Sturgess as Dexter, a public-school smoothie who can’t resist a pretty female face or the attractions of quick and easy fame on the telly.

In many ways, he personifies the arrogance of youth.

The band would also play gigs in and around his local area to any publican who would turn a blind eye to the fact that they were all under age.


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