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This will be the most important online dating and relationship advice that you read all year. So, from her perspective, why should she spend time on you when there are dozens of guys taking the time to send her real messages every day?

Mistake #1: Sending her ‘just’ a wink Most internet dating sites let you send “winks” or “show interest” for free. When that really hot girl gets your wink, she sees a guy that’s not serious about wanting to contact her and too cheap to fork over the $10 membership fee. Mistake #2: Not having a recent QUALITY photo in your profile This one should be easy, but the fact is, most men do not upload their photo. Profiles with photos get 10 times more looks than those without; and profiles with QUALITY photos get 4 times more than profiles with poor photos. When you log on to a dating site and search, don’t you search for women with photos in their profile first? Many women will assume that you have something to hide if you won’t post your photo ñ like maybe your wife.

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Watch the entire presentation quickly to find the secrets I stumbled onto by dumb luck. It works even better if you think women look at you like you're "rotten". Then I found these fool-proof and risk-free seduction tricks.

They work so well that they nearly got me arrested (watch the entire video to see how I influenced the cops).

(The hotter she is the easier it works and the better it works!

) That means you can use this under-the-radar trick (she'll never know you're using it) and mold her into exactly what you want her to think of you. I used this trick to have a FOURSOME on a pile of dirty clothes in my crappy apartment.

Learn more: If you've ever wanted to actually hookup with a chick online and not have to pay for it, then you need to know where to look.


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  2. This apparently lead to users on these platforms asking the girls who their 'blessers' were.

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