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Danielle Colby was born on 3 December 1975 in Davenport, Iowa, United States, and was brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness.However, the injuries forced her to give it up and focus on some other things.

The show premiered on History, formerly known as the History Channel, on 18 January 2010.

Within the short period of time, the show became the top-rated non-fiction series of 2010. She even owns her own clothing boutique that features antique-inspired and retro appeals called ‘4 Miles 2 Memphis’, most of them were designed and created by her. Though the successful TV career gave her financial and professional success, it also caused her and her husband grow apart.

HOLLYWOOD-Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, stars of the History Channel’s American Pickers television show, have raised eyebrows in the past with their a-little-too-close relationship and outright disdain for stunning co-star Danielle Colby Cushman.

On Monday, the pair “came out of the closet,” in the hopes that fans would understand their of sexuality. Fans have started a campaign on Twitter under the hashtag #Support Pickers, and many members of the LBGQT activist movement have issued statements of support.

Three years ago, Mike Wolfe asked his friend of 10 years, Danielle Colby, to help man his store while he and pal Frank Fritz were on the road for a new television show in development.

That show, "American Pickers," has made stars out of all three people. * What: Danielle Colby at O'Reilly World of Wheels Custom Auto Show * When: -9 p.m.

Cushman, who is often taunted and belittled by the Pickers despite her staggering beauty and quick wit, said “I knew it all along, but never said anything because of their miserably fragile egos. ” Fritz, the submissive “bear” and megapowerbottom of the couple, has mostly “retreated into his oil can collection,” as rumors of a negative and unsupportive family have spread widely across the Internet.

Wolfe, however, seems upbeat and optimistic, just like he always does on TV.

Danielle Colby became interested in burlesque at the very young age of 12 and began to perform burlesque dancing.

Residing with her family in Chicago, she went to a burlesque performance starring dancer Satan’s Angel and comedian Margaret Cho.

They were both eyeing the same "find" and struck up a conversation.

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