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Missed the 2013 Canadian Championships and 2013 Four Continents Championships when Weaver suffered an injury to her left ankle (broken fibula) in practice in December 2012.

Are poje and weaver dating

And they'll need a season's best if they want to crack the top five and, perhaps, even sneak in for the bronze medal.

"We feel so confident in the program that we have," said Weaver.

This is the story of how a blonde Texan schoolgirl and a tall, dark and handsome Canadian crossed international borderlines to form a partnership which would take on the world.

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje had a rough season with being sidelined by injury from December until Worlds. I have to do this rehab anyway, regardless of what competition we make it back for.

Obtained Canadian citizenship in 2009 and now holds dual citizenship ... With Graham, he won the junior bronze medal at the 2005 Canadian Championships and finished ninth at the 2006 Canadian Championships ...

championships twice (novice silver in 2004, junior pewter in 2005) and competed in the Junior Grand Prix Series in 2005 ... Previously competed with Alexandra Nino and Alice Graham ...

The crowd really got behind their dance to one of Weaver's favourite films.

So much so, that they groaned in disbelief when the tallies came in.

Americans Charlie White and Meryl Davis are in first with 78.89 points while Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are second (76.33) and Russians Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov rank third (73.04).

"I think everyone is a little confused at this point," said Weaver of their score.

It shows the strength that we have together as a couple and as individuals, because Kaitlyn to get back after her injury was such an amazing thing. We’ve gone through a lot together as a team, but this one especially is one that we thought when we set out this season we didn’t have the greatest start and to have the injury happen we were are a pretty bummed for a little bit, but we’ve learned so much, mostly – take nothing for granted. it’s unfortunate, I’ll probably have to take a couple of weeks off, maybe some (time) before Nationals. I was busy all through the day when I was doing after I had got my stitches out and do rehab. I think that with that determination and that ability to have the time to devote to it was very, very valuable. The doctors were like, there is now way, we can’t believe it. It was very, very strange to skate with one leg normal and one leg weak, very weak.

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