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Wait, I thought the expression went something like “tall, dark, and handsome” so where’s the part in all this?Personally, I don’t care if my man is as tall as me (5’6″ or 168 cm) or even shorter as long as he doesn’t mind when I wear high heels (I’ve previously dated a guy shorter than me who hated the fact I was taller than him with the high heels even if I personally didn’t care for the height difference).Although I do love Asian men, I’ve never been able to date one until e Harmony!

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The thing I love about this site is it’s not just a “I am a woman of 25-30 years looking for a mate of similar age” search that ends with a million profile pictures of random people who most likely don’t even share your life goals and who are only interested in getting laid.

Instead, you first sign up by entering those criteria then you must answer a very detailed questionnaire on your personality then you can pick some factors for your match (location, age, religion, ethnicity, etc.).

Liang just happened to be much taller than me (and taller than most Asians) and that’s fine; I would have loved him too should he have been my height or smaller. The other thing I find attractive on my man: glasses. There’s something about men and glasses I can’t quite put my hands on – he doesn’t need to wear glasses but if he does, then hey, bonus.

Well, my tastes could apply to all kinds of men, really.

Frankly, when I went on e Harmony, I didn’t even know I was looking for an Asian guy.

Yes, I am attracted to Asian men but there is almost no chance of meeting one in person where I live so I sort of crossed it off thinking I would have no chance.We do have a Chinatown but unfortunately, most families are pretty closely knit and are not too keen on their sons dating a non-Asian girl.Also, many East/South East Asians tend to be a bit shy so it makes it really hard to meet them in person, in a more romantic setting.This is just speaking from my own experience, though; I am not saying ALL Western/Southern Asian men are like this – I just happen to have the worse luck with men (probably why I turned to online dating sites).So when I say “Asian”, I refer to East/South East Asian men.Explanation: I grew up in a tiny town full of white people and the city closest to that town probably has one of the smallest East/South East Asian population from all the main Canadian cities (although it has grown a bit more in the past four years).

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