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On your first date talking about parents is a good way to know about each other more.

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First dates are interesting as well as nerve cracking as nobody wants to screw up their first dates.

since you have no idea about the person then it can be tough to have a great conversation as a single wrong question might turn the deal off the table.

A person who can deal with negative things positively is really a great person therefore, ask this great question amongst the first date questions to know your date better.

Well, you are about to start a relationship and therefore, it is good to know about the person you are dating.

Ask your date about his or her favorite place where they dream to settle and check if it matches yours.

Such interesting questions would help you to keep the conversation light and know your date better.Also, tell your date about your favorite subject and the reason behind it.You can even share some funny moment of your school days to keep the situation light and funny.By asking this first date question you will get to know things which important most to your date will be in front of you without asking directly.Ideal tells a lot about the characteristics of a person.Better questions will help you to know your date better.


  1. Both visual novels and dating sims usually have a "Gallery Screen" where you can replay previous scenes which are typically still images.

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