Average length of dating to engagement

It seems that this is at least in part driven by a much higher percentage of 35 year old men getting engaged in New York than 35 year old women.

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”), the Northeast features the largest age division between women and their fiancés, at 2 years.

While there is little variation in female engagement age in the West, Midwest and South, women in the Northeast get engaged slightly later: there is nearly a one year differential between them (27.8 years) and women in the South (26.9 years).

This is primarily driven by New York and Pennsylvania, where our average respondent’s engagement age hovered around 28 years old.

On average, women (27.2 years) tend to be 1.5 years younger than their partner (28.7 years) at the time of engagement.

About 2.2% of Americans get engaged under the age of 20, 74% in their 20s, 15% in their mid-30s (30-34), and about 8% at the age of 35 or older.

Only 19% of women in the Northeast get engaged at age 24 or younger.

Meanwhile, in the South, this figure is more than double, at 43%.

Winter, in general, seems to induce men and women to pop the question, as 30% of all engagements occur in November and December.

So, we surveyed 1,000 recently-engaged Weddington Way customers (all women), posing questions like: How old were you when you got engaged? And, how long were you dating prior to your engagement?

Men in the Northeast present a similar case, with nearly 10% less engagements below age 24.


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