louisville older women dating board - Average length of time dating before engagement

In my 20’s I would have said that I wanted to date someone for at least 2 years and not live with them until we were at least engaged, if not married.

Now I am 30 and I feel like waiting 2 years to get engaged is…well not a waste of time…but neither of us are changing who we are at this point, so why bother waiting 2 years when we could get engaged after 1?

Just wondering how long you ladies who met your FI in your 30’s dated before you got engaged?

Does your desire to have children make you shorten the “normal” time frame?

If possible, travel life side by side, in the same city or region, for a calendar year, because you will experience making daily choices of who buys what, who cooks what, who drives where, etc.

As you journey together, observe how decisions are made between the two of you.

In reality, marriage is about teaming up and working together on shared common goals; raising a family and doing ministry together.

Go on a mission trip, volunteer for the same ministry, do a building project and learn to be a winning team.

In a perfect world, your engagement would be the last few months of this calendar year.

People often have an unrealistic view of romance as because the media and culture encourage couples to spend the majority of time together having fun, lavish dates, and being entertained together.

Starry-eyed, smiling couples often ask us, “How long should an engagement last?

” To give a more complete answer, we need to first step back and look at the Biblical principles of relationships: God created marriage as a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman.

And, if someone in the family is not in favor of your marriage, have you sought counsel on how to handle this delicate situation?


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